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Can Digitally Distributed Mastercards Revolutionize Global Payment Platforms?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Based in Dublin, CleverCards is revolutionizing the global payment platform sector through its innovative, digitally distributed Mastercards.
  • The platform enables businesses and governments to send digital Mastercards instantly to anyone by email or SMS.
  • With a foundation in sectors such as marketing automation, mobile payments, payments, retail technology, and software, CleverCards offers a unique solution to emerging payment challenges.
  • The startup portrays the future of payments, offering a convenient, accessible and instant way for businesses and consumers to transact both online and in-store.

Investigating the advancements of digital payment platforms, one startup stands out – CleverCards. Based in Dublin, this company is certainly living up to its name, offering an innovative strategy that could indeed bring about a revolution in global payment platforms. CleverCards caters to the rising demand for instantaneous, mobile-enabled digital payments, providing a solution to businesses and governments to send digital Mastercards to anyone in the world, anytime, and instantaneously.

Accelerated further by the pandemic-induced online surge, CleverCards is a pioneer in merging the mobile, social, and eCommerce sectors. As digital transactions skyrocket and their significance becomes indispensable in personal, business, and cross-border funding, CleverCards is exactly the kind of platform that sets a new standard for financial transactions.

Characterized by its innovation, CleverCards holds a distinguishing value proposition. It’s a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that businesses can simply plug and play to generate, distribute, and manage worldwide payment cards. From expense management and insurance payouts to gig economy payments, and gifts, incentives, and rewards – this platform accommodates a variety of use cases. With $10 million invested in its technology, CleverCards is utilizing the avant-garde tech solutions to rethink and redesign payment systems.

Functioning effortlessly through SMS, WhatsApp or email, CleverCards combines the convenience of digital transactions with the versatility of MasterCards. These cards can be utilized both online and in-store, compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, thus maximizing usability for consumers, whilst businesses receive efficient and real-time payment solutions.

With so much to offer amidst the fast-growing digital economy, CleverCards certainly emerges as a promising startup in the fintech sector. The future holds immense potential for this startup, especially as businesses continue seeking instantaneous, global, and easy-to-manage payment solutions. As the founder of CleverCards, Kealan Lennon certainly has strong ambitions for the company, and the future of the industry it operates within.

Follow the journey of CleverCards as it navigates this promising industry via its social platforms. Visit the website, follow on Facebook, and LinkedIn. Stay connected and witness how CleverCards continues to innovate the global payment platform sector.

View original article at EUStartup.News