Effortless & Instant Tax Free Employee Benefits Mastercards

Gift your employees the freedom to use their employee benefits wherever they want. CleverCards Mastercards are accepted everywhere. Send digital prepaid Mastercards instantly via email. Tax-Free up to €1,000 per employee

Save time and resources

Free your teams from the hassles of ordering and distributing physical gift cards.

Order unlimited digital Mastercards online and send instantly to all employees via email - No more late deliveries. Your employees get to access and spend their benefits right away.

Gift your employees the freedom of choice

Say goodbye to store-linked gift cards!

Spend CleverCards Mastercards online and in-store at over 50 million merchants worldwide.

Your employees can use their benefits worldwide where Mastercard is accepted and even transfer CleverCards to others.

Digital tax-free employee gifting for clever organisations

  • No more managing physical gift cards inventory.
  • No more shipping them to employees individually.
  • Adding CleverCards Mastercards to your phone is as easy as adding a boarding pass.

Calculate your tax-savings with CleverCards

Enter the number of employees you want to send CleverCards to

Enter the amount (in €) you want to send via CleverCards to each employee

Total cost via:





Tax Savings with CleverCards: €13,135.38

See breakdown
Total payment to employees:
PAYE at 40%:
USC at 8%:
PRSI at 4%:
Net Reward per employee:
Employer PRSI at 11.05%:
Total cost to employer:

*Please note that the tax-free benefit values mentioned here are as per the Small Benefit Exemption in Ireland for 2023. Tax regulations and exemption thresholds may vary from one country to another. We recommend consulting with a local tax advisor or relevant tax authority to understand the specific rules and benefits applicable to your country.

How CleverCards work

  1. 1

    Visit "Order now" and enter the required details to place your order.

  2. 2

    Confirm when you would like to send CleverCards to your employees. Send instantly OR schedule for later.

  3. 3

    Employees receive their CleverCard via email with a link to activate and start using right away.

  4. 4

    Add CleverCards Mastercards to Apple Pay or Google Pay and start using anywhere! In-store or online.

  5. 5

    Employees can track the available funds and spends on the CleverCards' App.

  1. "CleverCards is the best way to incentivise and reward our employees. With our previous supplier, it was very time-consuming to order and distribute physical gift cards. With CleverCards we can distribute the cards instantly to all of our employees via email and they are delighted that they can use them anywhere. Best of all, the gifts are tax-free."

    Photo of Alan Henley

    Alan Henley

    Managing Director, Granite

  2. "CleverCards streamlined our employee gifting at Republic of Work a making it an easy and smooth experience. We were able to deliver the cards instantly to all our employees via email, so there was no need for manual distribution. Besides, embracing digital cards also aligns with our commitment to sustainability by reducing plastic usage."

    Photo of Frank Brennan

    Frank Brennan

    CEO, Republic of Work

  3. "We have ordered digital gift cards from CleverCards over the past five years and the ordering process is always seamless. The gift cards go straight to the recipient’s phone so there is no issue with valuable cards getting lost in the post. People who receive the cards give us very positive feedback as they find them easy to use."

    Photo of Mary Rose Burke

    Mary Rose Burke

    CEO, Dublin Chamber

  4. "Our team has been thrilled with CleverCards. Unlike other gift cards, they can use their CleverCard anywhere by adding it to their phone wallet, whether it's Apple Pay or Google Pay. This flexibility has really boosted morale and created a great buzz in our workplace."

    Photo of Danica Murphy

    Danica Murphy

    Director of Prism Leadership & Change Consulting Ltd., Prism LCC

  5. "CleverCards has simplified our employee gifting and made it an effortless process. By choosing CleverCards we could instantly send the cards to all employees via email, eliminating the need for manual distribution. Plus, we're reducing plastic waste and contributing to a greener environment."

    Photo of Alan Mitchell

    Alan Mitchell

    Finance Director, Errigal Bay

  6. "CleverCards is a hassle-free way to reward our employees. We like to personalise the message in the delivery email to our employees and most importantly, our team loves CleverCards because they can spend them anywhere."

    Hannah Lee

    Talent Support Coordinator, Mazars

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