Employee allowance payouts made easier

Fuel, meal, travel, phone, per diem allowances and more.

Replace complicated employee allowance processes with CleverCards prepaid Mastercards. Configure cards to work for specific spend categories and specific allowances.

Configure and control instantly

Your industry and employees have unique needs. CleverCards can be configured for any allowance category from per diem, fuel and food, to uniforms and tools. It’s simple to top-up and track card allowances instantly from anywhere using the employer portal.

A greener, more efficient solution for employee allowances

Say goodbye to manual payout processes, receipt management and wasted admin hours.

CleverCards prepaid Mastercards are completely digital. Issue directly to employees via email, spend instantly online and in-person through Google and Apple wallets.

Get started with CleverCards

Join 10,000+ companies that have already experienced the smart and hassle-free way of paying out employee allowances!

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