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Granite's Transition to CleverCards for Tax-Free Digital Employee Gifting

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Granite is Ireland’s largest independent digital agency with over 150 employees worldwide. As part of its employee recognition and retention program, Granite distributes gifts to employees on an annual basis. Up until 2022, they faced challenges with its previous supplier of physical gift cards, including:

  • High costs and delays in ordering and delivering the gift cards.
  • Limited choice and flexibility for the employees to use the gift cards at their preferred merchants.
  • Low satisfaction and engagement levels among the employees who received the gift cards.

Granite switched to CleverCards in 2022 for employee gifting

In 2022, Granite decided to make the switch to CleverCards tax-free digital prepaid Mastercards for employee gifting. Alan Henley, Granite’s Director of Marketing, shared the following insights highlighting the positive impact of this transition:

Employee feedback was overwhelmingly positive on the switch to CleverCards

Granite measured the impact of switching to CleverCards by comparing the feedback from its employees who received CleverCards versus those who received physical gift cards from its previous supplier in 2022. The feedback showed that:

  • CleverCards achieved an impressive 100% NPS, highlighting the overwhelming satisfaction of Granite's employees with the new system, while the physical gift cards received a negative NPS.
  • CleverCards received an average satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5, while the physical gift cards received an average rating of 1.6 out of 5.
  • CleverCards received positive comments such as “great idea,” “very easy to use,” and “best gift ever,” while the physical gift cards received negative comments such as “waste of money,” “too restrictive,” and “poor service.”

Granite's transition to CleverCards has significantly enhanced employee satisfaction and engagement, highlighting the shortcomings of traditional gift cards. The instant distribution, universal usability, and tax-free benefits make CleverCards the preferred choice for Granite in incentivising and rewarding their valuable workforce.

The positive impact of embracing modern, digital solutions over traditional methods has ultimately fostering a more productive and engaged work environment at Granite, as a result they are continuing to reward employees with CleverCards.

Give the gift of tax-free CleverCards to your team this Christmas and make it extra special. For more information, get in touch with our team filling out this enquiry form: