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How to Tackle Employee Disengagement Using CleverCards

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Ireland, like many other countries, is experiencing a disengagement crisis in workplaces. Recent statistics show that a shocking 63% of the workforce feels disengaged from their workplaces, a concerning trend that often leads to high staff turnover and major overhead costs.

This trend is backed up by Gallup research which found that 51% of global workers are seeking new employment opportunities.

In this article, we explore the importance of employee engagement, the impact of these worrying trends, and how employee benefits such as tax-free gifting and timely rewards can tackle the issue and prevent further challenges.

Disengaged Employees Will Quit Their Jobs

Before delving into strategies to combat employee disengagement, it's essential to understand the significance of high engagement in a workplace.

Generally speaking, engaged employees are emotionally committed to their work, exhibit higher levels of job satisfaction, take pride in their roles, and are likely to stay with their employers long-term.

On the other hand, disengaged employees tend to feel disconnected from their co-workers, they are demotivated, and have a tendency to quit their jobs.

Employee Disengagement Costs Businesses $8.8 Trillion

Remember, disengagement isn't just a local concern; it reverberates globally. Gallup research found that disengaged workers cost the global economy a staggering $8.8 trillion in lost productivity. That's equal to 9% of global GDP!

This worldwide trend emphasises the urgency of addressing disengagement, not only to retain employees but also to drive economic growth.

Tackling Employee Disengagement with Digital Employee Benefits Cards

Employee gifting on occasions like birthdays and Christmas, as well as rewarding staff for achievements and milestones, are tried and tested methods for maintaining employee engagement and retention in Irish workplaces. Until now, plastic gift cards or store vouchers have usually been the go-to choice for HR managers or CEOs implementing these employee engagement initiatives.

But employees are starting to get frustrated at receiving gift cards that are restricted to certain stores and that don’t have integration opportunities with their mobile devices.

A new innovative way that Irish companies can address the above concerns is by opting for tax-free digital gift cards that end up saving both employers and employees money and offer a huge range of benefits that surpass those of traditional physical cards. Check out some of the benefits below!

Give employees the choice to spend anywhere

Tax-free digital gift cards can be used anywhere in the world where MasterCard is supported. So, whether it’s online shopping, travel, entertainment, dining, or even household expenses, employees have 100% flexibility to spend their gifts and rewards wherever they want.

Reduce admin and eliminate late deliveries with digital distribution

As well as being tax-free, digital cards remove the need for HR managers and CEOs to spend hours ordering, packaging and posting out physical cards to employees. This is especially true when the company is medium to large-sized and/or includes employees working abroad remotely. Digital cards overcome these boundaries and ensure instant distribution of gifts and rewards for all employees, regardless of their location.

With digital gift cards, you can also say goodbye to having to deal with cards being misplaced or arriving late!

Reduce Overhead Costs and Pass Savings on to Employees

Posting physical gift cards to employees is complex, costly and time-consuming. CleverCards digital Mastercards are easy to order online, can be distributed instantly via email, and activated in a few clicks. Savings from reduced admin hours can be passed on to employees or spent on other employee engagement activities.

Choose greener gifting and show employees you care

Companies and employees alike are becoming more and more concerned with greener initiatives. Yet, every year, about six billion plastic cards are distributed worldwide, most of them made by unrecyclable PVC plastic. It costs approximately €6.45 to issue one plastic card and about 5.7 million tonnes end up in landfills every single year. Digital gift cards on the other hand, leave very little carbon footprint and no plastic waste. Need we say more?

How to Avail of Tax-Free Employee Gifting with CleverCards

By availing of the updated Small Benefit Exemption scheme, Irish HR managers and CEOs can now distribute two tax-free benefits (vouchers or gift cards) to employees each year. To qualify for the tax-free allowance, the benefits should not be in the form of cash, and the combined worth can’t exceed €1,000.

By using this scheme, both employees and employers have more in their pockets; it’s a win-win for everyone!

Tackling Employee Disengagement Effectively

Businesses can't afford to ignore employee disengagement anymore. But there are easy, fast ways to re-engage those who need it, and reward the rest.

Switching to CleverCards for employee rewards and festive bonuses is the first, and easiest step to engaging employees. Save tax, save time, and let your employees know they're valued in just a few clicks.

Give the gift of tax-free CleverCards to your team this Christmas. For more information, get in touch with our team filling out this enquiry form: