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FAQ's on Tax-Free Gifting in Ireland

FAQs on tax-free gifting in Ireland with the Small Benefits Exemption Scheme

The Small Benefits Exemption Scheme stands out as a testament to progressive employer-employee relations in Ireland. Introduced in 2004, it helps employers to acknowledge and reward their staff's relentless efforts through tax-free benefits throughout the year.

The scheme has been updated over the years and now offers even greater flexibility and an increase in the tax-free gift limit to €1,000.

This scheme not only provides financial benefit to employers and employees, it helps foster more positive workplace dynamics and enables greater employee rewards for businesses of all sizes.

To help you navigate the details of the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme and ensure maximum benefit for both you and your employees, we've put together a comprehensive guide that includes answers to the most frequently asked questions we see, including:

  1. What is the Small Benefits Exemption Scheme all about?
  2. Can I give my team €1,000 in cash?
  3. I've typically given one gift card annually. Can I offer more now?
  4. What happens if the gifts exceed the €1,000 limit?
  5. Do part-time workers qualify for this?
  6. Any key pointers I should be aware of before purchasing these vouchers?
  7. Can you break down the tax savings with, let's say, a €500 voucher?
  8. How can I efficiently navigate these tax-free vouchers for my team?
  9. What are the three types of vouchers that qualify for the scheme?

The Small Benefits Exemption Scheme is a strategic and appreciative way for employers to reward their team.

Download the full tax-free guide here: