Tax-Free Corporate Gifts

Give your employees the freedom to choose their own rewards. CleverCards offers instant, tax-free Mastercards accepted everywhere – the smart solution for corporate gifting in Ireland.

iPhone with Tax-Free CleverCard

Maximise Tax Benefits

Gift up to 1,000 tax-free per employee annually. Our digital Mastercards offer the most convenient way to reward your employees while optimising your tax benefits. Seamlessly integrate our tax-efficient solution into your benefits package, maximising the value for your employees and organisation.

Simplify Administration

No more managing physical inventory or postage delays. Simply order your digital Mastercard online and send instantly to your employees’ email. Our user friendly platform allows you to send bulk orders, saving valuable time and resources. Simplify your corporate gifting with Clever Cards.

Employee Satisfaction

CleverCards Mastercards are accepted at millions of locations worldwide for both online and in-store purchases. Give your employees the freedom to purchase whatever they want - rather than being limited to a handful of locations. Using Clever Cards keeps your employees happy, boosting morale and appreciation.

Case Study: Granite's Switch to CleverCards for Corporate Gifting

Granite Digital, Ireland’s largest independent digital agency, distributes corporate gifts annually. Up until 2022, they faced challenges with its previous supplier of physical gift cards, including:

  • High costs and delays in ordering and delivering the gift cards.
  • Limited choice and flexibility for the recipients to use the gift cards at their preferred merchants.
  • Low satisfaction and engagement levels among the people who received the gift cards.

After switching to CleverCards, they reported:

  • 100% Net Promoter Score (NPS) from people receiving CleverCards, indicating exceptional satisfaction.
  • Higher satisfaction ratings compared to physical gift cards.
  • Positive feedback emphasising the ease of use and flexibility.

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