Eliminate Enhanced Revenue Reporting Requirements for 2024

Switch to CleverCards prepaid Mastercards for business expenses

Since January 1st, employers must report to Revenue each time they reimburse employees and directors for business expenses.

Employers are not required to report to Revenue when a CleverCards prepaid Mastercard is used by an employee or director to pay for expenses.

  • Save hundreds of admin hours by using CleverCards prepaid MasterCards for expenses.
  • Get greater visibility on expenses with real-time business expense tracking through your CleverCards dashboard.
  • Increase control over expenses by setting individual and department spending limits and configuring cards for any category.
  • Instantly issue or freeze CleverCards prepaid digital MasterCards and avoid lengthy delays that come with plastic credit cards.

Get set up instantly and eliminate the need to report on every employee expense in 2024!

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Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR) obligations for business expenses were introduced by the Irish Government in the Finance Act of 2022 under Section 897C came into effect on Jan 1st 2024.

See Revenue.ie for more info on new Enhanced Reporting Requirements for employee expenses.

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