Save Tax with the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme

Watch our webinar with Mazars to learn how companies in Ireland can gift CleverCards up to €1,000 tax-free to each employee with the Small Benefit Exemption.

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Tax Savings with CleverCards: €13,135.38

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Total payment to employees:
PAYE at 40%:
USC at 8%:
PRSI at 4%:
Net Reward per employee:
Employer PRSI at 11.05%:
Total cost to employer:

*Please note that the tax-free benefit values mentioned here are as per the Small Benefit Exemption in Ireland for 2023. Tax regulations and exemption thresholds may vary from one country to another. We recommend consulting with a local tax advisor or relevant tax authority to understand the specific rules and benefits applicable to your country.

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